Watch: Truck Plows into TV Station

WKRG – July 10, 2017


A driver in Kansas is expected to be okay, after crashing his pickup into a television station in Wichita. The vehicle plowed into the building of CNN affiliate KAKE Sunday morning.

Shortly before noon, a truck plowed through the front windows of KAKE News in West Wichita.

The general manager of KAKE News Neal Davis spoke with both the man involved and police.

“Talked to police and saw the gentleman that actually caused the issue. He had a medical condition. He was on West street had a coughing spell and blacked out,” said Neal.

Wichita Police say due to a medical emergency the man unintentionally hit the front doors of the building causing several glass partitions and steel frames to break.

Davis said, “Luckily it wasn’t terrorism or a deliberate response to us, and therefore everyone in the building was OK.”

Staff inside the studios say they heard the loud crash. Upon finding the car crashed into the building, staff tried to secure the building, then called 911 and evacuated to safety. The man driving the truck is expected to be okay.

“Unfortunately things like this happen. I’m just glad the gentleman wasn’t hurt anymore than he was,” said Davis.

Management at KAKE studios have hired a private security firm to monitor the building until repairs are made.


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