July 2017 KSFFA Presidents Article

Hello Kansas Fire Service. Hope you all are having a great summer and had a safe 4th of July Holiday. As we look forward to late summer, keep in mind school will be starting soon. This will open up our chance as the fire service to partner with our schools and deliver fire safety messages. It is also our chance to get in and deliver a message about the great vocation that is the fire service. Recruitment starts at a young age to capture the interest of the young folks of our state. This will pay dividends down the road if we stay involved in our schools and community.
I want to take a few minutes to give you all an update of what we are doing this summer as your Executive Board. We have recently met with the Kansas Insurance Department and are working on a new format for the FRA conference next January. We will hopefully have details of this coming this fall. We are also working on other benefits for your membership in the KSFFA. We are meeting with Jones and Bartlett publishers and are working on a package for KSFFA members and are also working on a membership benefit with Columbia Southern University for bachelor’s degree program. One of our bigger initiatives is we are pursuing ground work for a cancer and PTSD benefit for ALL firefighters in the state. At conference, it was brought up that we need to pursue this issue and find a way to make it recognized under our retirement and work comp system for all our emergency responders in the state. Kansas is one of the few states with no law on the books recognizing this We will be working with our other emergency service partners to get the most inclusive language drafted we can and move it forward. This is not a paid or volunteer issue, it is an emergency responder issue. In the near future, we may be contacting your department looking to collect data. We will likely need some data as we move forward to help illustrate this issue for our elected governing bodies.
While on the topic of this, I just want to take a moment and remind folks to review your FRA bylaws and policies. Remember that the FRA is a way for us to provide benefits for a family should the ultimate sacrifice of a member occur. Make sure that the benefits you have in place are able to give the benefit you wish to provide. Also do a review of them regularly. Don’t have an incident and then find out the benefits don’t provide what you think they are supposed to.
In closing, by the time this is published, we will likely have selected the new 2018 school sites. Please make sure to look for the list in the October edition of the Firewire and we will see you at a regional school near you. As always, stay safe and make sure to bring everyone home!


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