Sign at Fire Station dedicated to Bob Seefeldt

Ninnescah Valley News – May 19, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – June 23, 2017

Bob Seefeldt passed away this past January, leaving behind a legacy of volunteerism and dedication to this community. Seefeldt served on the emergency medical service and was a volunteer firefighter for 26 years; 19 of those 26 years as Fire Chief. His wife, Chris, and his daughters Wendy and Gillian all followed Bob’s lead.

“Bob and I had EMT1 certification,” Chris said. “And Gillian and Wendy took fire science classes; Gillian served on the Buhler EMS and Fire Department, Wendy volunteered in Haven. When you live in a small town you have to do everything you can to help your friends and neighbors.”

Twenty-one years ago Bob realized in order to keep the fire service and EMS viable they needed to expand. He began looking for property and drawing up plans.

“Bob had a drafting table in the basement,” said Chris, “and every night for months he was down there drawing, measuring. He checked out other fire stations. That fire station was his baby.”

Thursday evening, May 11, Chris and several family members joined the local firefighters at the station for the unveiling of a sign dedicated to Bob Seefeldt.

“Bob was the main architect and engineer,” said current Fire Chief Rick Graber. “He wanted it to be the most functional station possible. With his passing in January, the family had memorials sent to Fire and EMS. We decided to use some of that money to fund the sign in Bob’s honor.”

“It’s such a nice tribute. I wasn’t expecting that at all,” Chris said. “He wouldn’t have liked it, though. He would have thought the money should have gone for new fire equipment or something for the service. He was really proud of that station.”


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