Fire department receives grant

Hanover News – June 16, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – June 22, 2017

The Hanover City Fire Department received a grant from the Washington County Foundation in the amount of $1,545.00.

The Hanover Community fund provided $1,290.00 and Washington County Opportunity Fund provided $255.00.

The grant was for the purchase of combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for residents of the City of Hanover.

The fire department was able to purchase 43 detectors with this grant.

The distribution of the detectors will take place at a later date and time determined by the fire department with a limit of one per household. The first to acquire a detector will be residents 60 years of age and older. If any detectors are left after the 60 and over age group, they will distribute to the residents 60 years and younger until all 43 are distributed.

The fire department will also install the detectors if the resident needs assistance.

Robert Fut, Fire Chief, applied for the grant with support of the volunteer firemen. The fire department thanks the Hanover Community Fund and the Washington County Opportunity Fund for awarding this grant to help make homes in Hanover a safer home.


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