Disaster strikes local hog farm

By Dana Paxton
Norton Telegram – June 9, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – June 22, 2017

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A fire that started at around 11:20 a.m. the morning of Tuesday, June 6, at a north-central Phillips County hog farm took the lives of an estimated 9,000 animals and injured one outside contracted worker.

The fire was located at the Husky Hogs LLC., south site west of Long Island. Three buildings were lost to the flames along with an estimated 2,000 sows and 7,000 piglets, according to Husky Hogs spokesperson, Julia Nelson.

Approximately 4,500 sows survived and one outside contracted worker received burns on one arm and a leg and was taken to a Wichita Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Nelson called it a tragedy and said that they did what they could do to save everything they could.

Phillips County Sheriff Charles Radabaugh reported that several fire departments responded to battle the blaze for over two hours before getting it under control. Departments involved in the effort were, Phillipsburg City and Phillips County, Norton City and County, Long Island City, Almena City, Stamford, Nebraska and Orleans, Nebraska departments.

Not only did the fire departments respond but multiple family members, neighbors and friends aided in the efforts by bringing water and food for those fighting the blaze. The loss may not be clear for some time because the site also affects the feed mill and other operations owned by Husky Hogs LLC. Investigators said the fire started in the end of a farrowing barn where the injured contracted worker was working and then it spread to adjacent barns. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

Since the fire, 190 new baby piglets have been born. The remaining 4,500 sows are still producing and all the staff are still working hard to keep the operation running as smoothly as possible.

Husky Hog spokeswoman, Julia Nelson, said that the only reason anything was left was due to such a great outpouring of support. She said she was personally eternally grateful. The Nelson family, employees and family members of Husky Hogs, LLC wished to make this statement, “We want to thank those who helped in any way during the June 6 fire at our swine facility. The emergency management teams, friends, neighbors and members of the community who gave their time, resources and kind words were invaluable during our time of need. We could not have kept the fire contained without all of you and we are so grateful for your help and support.”


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