Building Fire

Press Release by Gary Brown, Hays Fire Chief – June 16, 2017

At 1:49 PM, Friday, June 16, 2017, City of Hays emergency dispatchers were alerted to a fire in the building at 308 East 25th Street. The City of Hays Fire Department, assisted by Ellis County Fire Department Company 5, the Hays Police Department and Ellis County EMS was immediately dispatched.

On arrival, firefighters found a small electrical fire burning and spreading to the adjacent wall inside a combination residential and business building. Firefighters shut-off the electrical power to extinguish the fire. Firefighters then opened up the charred wall section to make sure the fire had not spread into the concealed space.

No one was injured by this fire. The most probable cause of the fire was the failure of an electric wall plug. Damage was limited to the electric plug and adjacent wall. Firefighters credit the building occupant’s prompt 911 call for keeping this fire small and limiting the damage.

Four fire trucks and fifteen firefighters responded.

The last fire crew left the scene at 2:11 PM.

Your City of Hays firefighters would like to remind everyone that electrical plugs and wires that are hot to the touch, flickering electrical power and the distinct odor of hot electrical equipment indicate overloaded circuits or electrical equipment about to fail. Stop using the equipment and have a licensed electrician check the circuit.


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