Andale boy with rare form of kidney cancer gets a surprise he’ll never forget

By Avery Anderson
KSN – June 16, 2017


A Kansas boy diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer back in February has endured more than two dozen rounds of chemo and countless doctor’s appointments, but Thursday, he and his family enjoyed a big surprise.

The last 15 weeks for 2-year-old Luke Eck has been spent here in this oncology office undergoing chemotherapy for clear cell sarcoma of the kidney.

“He had his kidney removed and started treatment immediately after that,” said Luke’s father, Nick Eck.

And, every step of the way, his twin brother is by his side.

“Levi is here for every single treatment with him and really keeps Luke moving. Rather than laying down and pouting, he’s really got someone to keep up with,” said Eck.

The inseparable toddlers pass the time at a window overlooking Wesley Medical Center.

“Looking for fire trucks and police cars,” explained Eck.

On this day, the boys spotted some surprise visitors through the glass.

Wichita firefighters,from Station One, rose five floors in their aerial platform to greet Luke.

“To see the look on his face, and the smile. He was just excited, and I think a little bit overwhelmed, but it was great to see,” stated Capt. Chad Winton, Wichita Fire Dept.

The idea came about when Kim Rosen, the Pediatric Oncologist R.N. at Dr. Rosen’s office, reached out to first responders on Facebook, sharing Luke’s story.

“Within 30 minutes, the response was unbelievable,” explained Rosen.

The firefighters saw the story and wanted to brighten the little boy’s day, showing off their gear and giving Luke a fire hat of his own.

“We have good days, and we have bad days. We deal with life on a daily basis and today, today was a good day,” said Capt. Winton.

With heroes, now considered friends, Luke’s favorite word, ‘firetrucks’, will now have a whole new meeting.

”I think it’s something you never forget,” said Capt. Winton.

Luke’s doctor tells us that he has an 85-percent chance of beating his cancer.


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