Firefighters respond to fire at Wendys’

By Ryan D. Wilson
Clay Center Dispatch – May 10, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – May 15, 2017

At little after 2 p.m. yesterday Clay Center firefighters responded to a call about a structure fire at Wendy’s, 240 Crawford st., that turned out to be a fire involving a piece of cooking equipment in the kitchen.

Clay Center Fire Chief John Ihnen said when he arrived on scene, restaurant staff had evacuated patrons from the building. Staff had also extinguished the fire involving a pressure cooker with a K-class fire extinguisher, which is specifically designed for grease fire, and moved that piece of equipment.

An employee was injured when he got some of the material from the extinguisher in his eye as they were moving the cooker. A report over scanner indicated the extinguisher may have gone off in his face. That employee has been transported to Clay County Hospital by Clay County EMS for treatment.

The pressure cooker was damaged in the fire, but there was no other obvious damage. Chief Inhen said he has advised the restaurant staff not to plug in the cooking unit until it is inspected to ensure it is functioning properly.


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