More than dozen residents forced from Lenexa apartment complex

By Kathy Quinn and Nicole Diantonio
FOX 4 News – June 14, 2017


A carbon monoxide scare is now over at one Lenexa apartment complex, but for nearly two hours residents were evacuated while firefighters investigated possible explosive levels of gas.

More than a dozen people at the Madison at Woodridge Apartments near 87th and Hauser were evacuated after a carbon monoxide detector sounded.

FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn talked to two roommates who said they had just gotten off of the night shift when there was a knock on the door. It was the fire department. They told them to evacuate.

Apparently another resident called 911 around 3 a.m. because his carbon monoxide detector was going off.

Fire crews were able to pinpoint the leak to a torch kit, which was leaking a flammable gas called acetylene, before it could reach dangerous levels. A torch kit is used for warming pipes. Somehow the valve was left on.

According to, carbon monoxide detectors detect a variety of gases such as the acetylene that was present in the apartment complex. Acetylene presents itself like carbon monoxide. It is highly flammable and explosive.

The residents were allowed back in after fire crews ventilated the building.


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