Dairy Queen up in smoke

By Amanda Williams
Independence Daily Reporter – May 26, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – June 14, 2017

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Independence Fire/EMS units were dispatched to a structure fire at the Dairy Queen restaurant at approximately 11:11 p.m. Thursday night. When units arrived there was heavy smoke but no visible flames.

Responders knocked the glass out of the front door to make entry and the glass was knocked out of the drive-through window to vent smoke out. The back door was cut with a chainsaw to make back entry for more ventilation. Flames were found at the ceiling behind the office.

When the entry team saw fire in the office, they broke the locked door in order to get to the seat of the fire. Once the flames were subdued, another team went in to pull some ceilings down checking for extensions. Westar and Atmos Energy were notified to turn off utilities to the building.

According to third shift Captain Marcus Hamilton, after an investigation by Officer Dustin Taylor, Detective Mark Vining, Fire Chief Shawn Wallis and himself, it was determined that the fire was electrical in nature and started in the office. The scene was cleared by a little after 1 a.m.

Dairy Queen had been having electrical problems all week, with surges causing smoke Monday night. According to Brent Littleton, director of operations, they had the fire department and Westar come out to check the lines. Littleton stated that Westar felt the high winds may have caused the issues and they had actually planned on coming out at 7:30 a.m. Friday morning to replace incoming lines, but the fire Thursday night prevented them from being able to do that.

The restaurant will be closed until further notice as there was a fair amount of fire, smoke and water damage inside. Inspectors will have to perform an investigation for insurance purposes, but he assured that they are very well insured by Dairy Queen.

“We are committed to Independence and once this is taken care of we will be opening back up,” Littleton stated.


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