Fire chief proposed purchase of new ladder/pumper

By Cristina Janney
Hays Daily News – June 5, 2017

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The Hays fire chief proposed Thursday at a city commission work session the purchase of a new pumper/ladder truck for the City of Hays.

Gary Brown said the new truck would “complete the tool box” for Hays firefighters.

A 2016 demonstrator model with 2,500 miles on it would replace a 2002 model.

The older model is wider and uses more fuel than the newer truck. Because the truck is wider, it is more difficult to position in narrow streets.

The new truck would allow firefighters to provide better coverage of larger structure and city blocks. In addition, it could assist the city’s fire rating, which affects insurance premiums for all residents.

Because the 2002 truck uses 40 percent more fuel than the city’s 2007 pumper/truck, the fire department has been reticent to use it in regular rotation. The purchase of the new truck would result in a regular rotation of both ladder/pumpers, Brown said.

Brown is proposing buying the truck ahead of schedule, but the purchase is aimed at maximizing the trade-in value on the 2002 truck. Right now, the 2002 has about five years of useful life left. As it ages, resale value will go down significantly.

The city has an offer to purchase the used truck for $125,000.

With trade in, the cost of the new truck will be $476,850 from Rosenbauer America in Hays.

City Manager Toby Dougherty said other cities are paying as much $1 million to purchase ladder/pumper trucks. He said Brown has done a good job of keeping the cost of equipment purchases down.


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