Possible fire at EHS

By Ryann Brooks
Emporia Gazette – June 2, 2017

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An overheating motor in an overhead air duct triggered a smoke alarm at the Emporia High School Friday morning.

At about 9:55 a.m., scanner traffic indicated a fire alarm at Emporia High School. First responders responded to the alarm and EHS personnel and students were evacuated.

EHS assistant principal Curtis Simons said they followed emergency response procedures once the alarm was triggered.

“There was smoke in an air duct above the auditorium,” Simons said. “Any time there’s an alarm we have to follow procedure and that’s what we did.”

At of 10:18 a.m. EFD cleared the high school and allowed personnel and students to go back inside. The overheated motor was turned off, and is no longer a danger.

At 10:14 a.m. scanner traffic also indicated a fire alarm activating at the Flint Hills Technical College, but the call was cancelled a few minutes later.


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