New home arrives for Dorrance firefighter

By Amanda Aguiler
KSN – May 17, 2017


Tuesday is a new beginning for Andy Phelps, a step forward after losing everything in the state’s largest wildfire back in March.

Phelps, with a video camera in his hand, saw his new home arrive in Dorrance — a day he’s been waiting for since March 6.

“I’ve been staying in a home in Dorrance,” he said. “It’s an older bed and breakfast.”

Now, Phelps has a home to call his own again.

The past two months haven’t been easy for the volunteer firefighter.

“It’s kind of a blur,” said Phelps. “You just take it one day at a time.”

However, things started looking up when an old classmate offered a home to him.

“Their parents had passed on and they had this home that they wanted to do something with,” said Phelps.

He looked at the home and thought it was perfect.

The house moved from Brookeville to Dorrance, and crews will work today and Wednesday to place the house on top of its foundation.

Phelps spent today looking back on the day he lost everything.

“Family, friends, community, church,” he said. “That’s what gets you through things like this.”

Phelps knows he came far to get to this momentous day.

“You got to start somewhere,” he said. “Take one step at a time and be positive, and it’s just a new beginning.”


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