Firefighter Ken Simpson prevents business blaze

By Paul Stewart
Kansas Chief – May 4, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – May 10, 2017

Volunteer firefighter Kenny Simpson was credited last Saturday with possibly preventing a blaze which could have damaged three adjoining businesses at Highway 36 and East St. Joseph Street.

Gary Clark, owner of GM Firearms & Gunsmithing, 105 East St. Joseph, said he and Simpson were about to go to lunch when they encountered an ‘odd’ smell which began permeating the business.

“We walked outside, thinking it might be anhydrous (ammonia), due to the rain. When we came back in, within a couple of minutes, we got to the door and saw smoke on the ceiling,” Clark said.

It was then that Simpson went into action as a trained firefighter, responding Deputy Sheriff Raymond Hall told The Kansas Chief.

Focusing on the heating/cooling vent area of his business, Clark and Simpson then began to check the adjoining business, McElwain Sprayer’s, to the west. When they shined a flashlight into the McElwain business they observed heavy smoke.

Simpson then called for a fire truck, and volunteer fireman Mike Bell responded.

Clark said the responders, with Floyd McElwain, entered the McElwain business and located a small plug-in generator with an apparent electrical problem. There was damaged (burned) carpet as well as damage to a metal file cabinet in the front office area, Clark said.

It was reported that there also was some smoke damage to the third business, Mark Newton’s American Family Insurance, adjoining McElwain’s on the west.


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