Harper business works to protect America’s firefighters

By Chris Frank
KAKE – May 9, 2017


Greg Blanchat used to serve as a volunteer firefighter in Harper. Today he works to protect firefighters across the country.

Blanchat Manufacturing has been on the west end of Harper for decades. Workers take new trucks and transform them in to smaller fire trucks, often the first units to respond to a fire or accident.

“The volunteer fire departments are what I really customize to because I understand what they’re into,” Blanchat said.

He started building fire trucks in Harper in the mid 1980’s. Decades later, with only about a dozen direct employees, the trucks are selling nationwide and in Canada. He doesn’t have a truck in every state, but he is getting close.

There are no assembly lines making every truck exactly like the one before it. Blanchat said trucks built here will not stay the same as he discovers new and better ways to make a hazardous occupation safer.

“If I stop the injury or death of one firefighter, it’s all worth it, done. That’s all I care about.”


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