Salute the Badge: Burlingame Fire Department’s double threat

By Tori Mason
WIBW – May 2, 2017


“I don’t like being in the spotlight, even though I like helping people,” said Chris Welch. “I’m the same way, I don’t like the spotlight!,” agreed his brother Travis.

Travis and Chris Welch share the same passion, the same pride and the same parents.

“People say we’re pretty much the same person,” said Chris.

The only thing they don’t share is a fingerprint.

Twin brothers, Travis and Chris, are approaching their ninth year with the Burlingame Fire Department — and they’re only 22.

“We grew up around the fire department so there was really no other choice in our mind about what we wanted to do,” said Travis.

“We were 14 when we started here and we’ve been doing it ever since,” explained Chris.

Their father, Captain James Welch, started a Junior Fire Program over a decade ago. It allows teens to get a feel for a future in fire.

“If they wanted to pursue this as a career, they already have some hands on training and knowledge,” explained Travis.

Knowledge that Travis and Chris say they often share.

“We’ve spent so much time together that we know how each other thinks. We don’t really have to communicate like most other people do,” said Travis. “We’ve got it down to where I know what he’s going to do and he knows what I’m going to do,” explained Chris.

They say the ties between the department are strong and the bond between twin firefighters is unmatched.

“I don’t think I could choose another job,” said Travis, “There might be short spans in our life where we’re not around each other, but we always end up back here.”

The Department encourages members to be trained in both fire and emergency patient care. Not only are Travis and Chris firefighters, they’re also EMTs for Osage County EMS — making them the ultimate double threat.


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