Mock DUI crash touches students

By Martina Bourland
Hiawatha World – April 13, 2017

Photos by Martina Bourland. Click on each photo to view full-size.

Hiawatha High School’s student council organized a mock crash last Thursday. The crash, staged for presentation prior to HHS’s junior and senior prom, was based around drunk driving and the importance of safety for the students at Hiawatha High School.

Seniors Brennon Barnes, Jessie Brintnall, Kendra Overdick and Delaney Koerperich participated in the production.

The afternoon started with a student-made video that served to set up the circumstances leading up to the crash. Brintnall played the role of the drunk driver, along with her classmate and friend Brennon Barnes. Overdick and Koerperich played the victims of the crash.

After watching the video, students lined up outside in the school parking lot to witness the real world response to the fatal car crash. Police arrived to the scene, followed by an ambulance and, eventually, a Life Flight helicopter. Brintnall’s mother, Jean, arrived at the scene to find that her daughter, Jessie, was intoxicated when the accident took place. Brintnall was put into handcuffs. While Brintnall was set on the side of the scene, her screams for Barnes were real, as were her sobs, the sirens, the wrenching sounds of the tools used to cut Korperich out of the vehicle – all were surreal. This, coupled with the realistic makeup of fresh blood each of the actors wore, made for a very chilling display.

Because of the severity of the crash, the jaws of life were needed to cut Koerperich out of the vehicle. She was Life Flighted to KU Med. After attention was given to Koerperich and Overdick, the officials were able to attend to Barnes, who was killed on impact in the performance. The funeral home was called and a hearse was brought onto the scene to take the body away. Prior to Barnes being loaded into the hearse, his family, who had arrived on scene as well, was given a short amount of time with his body.

“We all hope that this impacted students in a way that will guide them through the rest of their lives,” said StuCo President Jessica Geiger. “It took a lot of effort, communication, and hard work to complete this presentation successfully. Luckily the Kansas Highway Patrol, Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Hiawatha Police Department, Brown County Rescue Squad 48, Hiawatha Fire Department, Town and Country Rescue EMS, Life Star of Kansas, Chapel Oaks Funeral Home, Hiawatha Community Hospital, Stacey Babb, Bob Spicer and Rainbow Communications really came together to help our StuCo do this.”

The reactions to the presentation were different throughout the school.

“I realized this can actually happen and it opened up my eyes,” said sophomore Bethany Meyers.

“My brother passed away from drinking and driving, so this has affected me since I was young,” said Berkley Hansen.


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