Phillipsburg Fire Department named best

Phillips County Review – March 22, 2017
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Every year the scores of Veterans of Foreign Wars posts in Kansas designate a local fire department as being the best in their area.

Then the various districts that those local VFW posts belong to review each of those honored departments and selects one as being the best in the district.

As the process played out this year, the Phillipsburg City/Rural Fire Department scored top honors as being the best in the area by VFW Post 8873, and then as the top department in the much larger District 6 of Kansas.

In addition, the Phillipsburg Fire Department volunteers were also honored as being named a Kansas VFW’s 2016-2017 “Top Firefighter Team.”

J.T. Plummer, Logan, is the chairman of Post 8873 (based in Stockton), and nominated Phillipsburg for the honors. Plummer presented the awards to the department at the Phillipsburg Fire Station last Monday (ceremony attendees are pictured above–Front row l-r: Travis Carswell, John Shelton, Matt Jarvis, Kip Tweedy; Middle Row: Jobey Black, Cody Bogart, Jeremiah Clancy, VFW Post Chairman J.T. Plummer, Jayson Hueneke, Terry McConnell, Chad Lenker; Back Row: Joel Hiesterman, Rob Kendall, Jamie Reimer, Blaine VanKooten, Tim Driggs, Trent Weinman).

Plummer’s nomination of the Phillipsburg Fire Department reads as follows–“Jim Langley, Emergency Services Chairman.

“It is my honor and privilege to nominate the Phillipsburg City/Rural Fire Department for the 2016-2017 Veterans of Foreign Wars Fire Department of the Year Award. The Department provides coverage for the City of Phillipsburg, population 2,500, and surrounding rural areas covering 390 square miles of Phillips County.

“In addition, the Department has signed mutual aid agreements with the three other Rural Fire Departments in Phillips County that include the Departments of Logan, Kirwin-Agra and Prairie View-Long Island.

“This agreement provides fire protection for 900 square miles and eight towns. The Department has also signed Mutual Aid Agreements with four adjoining Kansas Counties: Rooks (895 square miles), Norton (881 square miles), Graham (900 square miles), Smith (897 square miles) and Harlan County, Nebraska (540 square miles). These agreements encompass an area of 5013 square miles, a population of more than 32,000 and 38 towns, and combined are larger than several of our smaller states.

“The Phillipsburg Fire Department has 18 volunteer firefighters, 9 firefighting vehicles and specialized equipment that includes: Jaws of Life, lift bags, rope rescue and 9 sets of SCBA. In total the combined Mutual Aid Agreement Units provide 50 fire-fighting vehicles, 100 plus firefighters and multiple pieces of specialized rescue equipment.

“The Department responds to 70+ events annually and recently assisted in a Phillips County fire that consumed more than 15 square mile with no loss of life, livestock or occupied dwellings and deployed two firefighting vehicles and four firefighters to the Anderson Creek Fire in Western Oklahoma and Southwest Kansas that consumed more than 400,000 acres.

“The Department demonstrates the dedication and valor required to preserve the safety of our citizens and our property and warrants the recognition of the The Veterans of Foreign Wars.”

J.T. Plummer, Chairman, VFW Post #8873 Stockton, KS.


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