Fire destroys Cherryvale house

By Donna Celaya
Montgomery County Chronicle – March 2, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – April 7, 2017

Just four walls and a roof are all that remain of a Cherryvale home that suffered an early morning fire on Sunday. The cause of the fire that gutted the home of Howard and Sherry Hester appears to have been an electric space heater.

The fire at 501 E. 3rd, Cherryvale, left just the shell standing by the time the firefighters got the blaze under control and extinguished within two hours of arriving at the scene. No injuries were reported; however, the Hesters did lose a dog in the fire.

The home is considered a total loss. The Hester family was home at the time the fire started around 7:30 a.m.

According to firefighter-EMT Stanley Gregory, the Hesters said the fire started in the vicinity of an electric space heater in the bathroom. Gregory said either the heater could have been at fault, or the home’s electrical wiring could have been overloaded and caught fire. There seems to have been no foul play involved, and thus no reason to call in the State Fire Marshal, he said.

Gregory advised anyone using space heaters to keep them at least two feet from walls and any fabric or flammable materials, and to make sure the wiring in the structure is able to carry the load needed to power the heaters and other electrical appliances. “Most homes now have gone to breaker boxes instead of the old-fashioned fuse boxes,” he said. “It’s a good idea to make sure you have a good breaker box that will trip if your system gets overloaded.”

The fire was confined to the house and a tree to the west of the structure. “The fire was blowing to the west,” Gregory said. “We had to go back a while after we put out the fire to make sure the tree wasn’t still smoldering. As far as I know, a home immediately to the east of the one that burned didn’t suffer any damage.

A small engine repair shop in a garage was spared, along with an above-ground swimming pool on the east side of the house, and children’s toys and the family’s cars and lawn furniture in the yard between the house and the garage. Gregory said he did not know whether the home and contents were insured.


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