Rain in southwest Kansas brings widespread benefits

By Brenda Carrasco
KWCH – April 5, 2017


It’s been cold and rainy in Dodge City all day but that isn’t a bad thing.

A lack of rain this past winter led to an increase in fires and drought but people like Ford County Fire Chief Rob Boyd are hopeful this rain will change that.

“We did 70 fires in the month of March,” he says.

March broke records for the Ford County Fire Department.

“The problem was we had so many great years of growth and then we went all that time with no moisture so all of that growth adds to fuel and it makes it really hard to fight,” Boyd says.

Recent rains are now reversing those effects.

“It’s a big relief, things are greening up, the places that are burnt are really greening up nice,” Boyd says. “This is going to get the new growth started which helps us out immensely when it comes to fire prevention.”

Ford County Extension Agent Andrea Burns said the five plus inches of rainfall from this past week will bring long term benefits for everybody.

“You’ll see some improvements to our soil profile to re-charging the aquifer to any amount of moisture that we can take in, but to have this amount come in a slow easy rain it’s just been a wonderful thing,” he says.


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