Teen rescued from floodwater in Butler County

KWCH – April 4, 2017


Butler County emergency crews rescued a teen from rushing water early Monday morning, finding him on top of his truck.

The teen said he’d never been on the rural Butler County road before. On the phone with 911, 17-year-old Niclas clung to the roof of his truck.

“I did not know what to do, I just tried holding on,” he says.

Niclas is a foreign exchange student from Germany, studying at Andover High School. Not so familiar with his surroundings Sunday night, driving on southwest River Valley Road near Douglass.

He says he saw water up ahead, but did not realize he was headed for the Little Walnut River until it was too late. His truck slid down a muddy slope and was pulled away by the water.

Niclas says water began to rise, getting higher than his windshield.

He managed to escape and get to the top of his truck where he waited for rescue. Firefighters threw him a life jacket and one went into the water with a rope to get him out.

Niclas says he had been at a car show with friends Sunday night and ended up on the rural road, looking for a shortcut, rushing to make curfew.

He says he is okay and has definitely learned a lesson.

“I’m really kind of angry at myself for doing that,” he says. “I was not paying that much attention.”

Niclas is not the first person to get swept off the bridge near Douglas over the Little Walnut River. Neighbors in the area say it happens at least a few times per year. There are warning signs out. One warns to turn around when flooded, but some neighbors say the signs should be lit to make them more visible.


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