Volunteers near end of firefighting training

Scott County Record – March 23, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – March 31, 2017

Twelve firefighters from Scott and Lane counties have nearly completed a Firefighting I training course.

A final skills exam will be held on March 25, marking the conclusion of the class which began on November 1. Certification is done through the University of Kansas Firefighting Training Center.

“This is the first time in about 10 years the course has been offered here,” says class instructor Bill Fortune.

For 4-1/2 months, volunteers would meet weekly for sessions that involved self-contained breathing apparatus and bunker gear training, pump operations, vehicle extraction, first aid, hazardous materials and more.

During a recent exercise in Scott City, firefighters worked with instructors from KU on ceiling ventilation and rooftop firefighting through the use of a skills trailer from the KU training center. Training also included forceable entry, how to shut off a building sprinkler system in an area unaffected by a fire and a “Mayday” simulation for extracting an injured firefighter or oneself from a life-threatening situation.

Class members traveled to Ness City on March 18 where they gained experience on how to enter a building on fire with the aid of an interior firefighting simulator provided by KU.

This class of firefighters had the opportunity to take part of the class on-line which eliminated the need for so much lecture time.

Fortune says participants were given one or two chapters to read on-line and they would take an accompanying test. In addition, they would review the materials and ask questions during the next class.

“In the past, lectures would last about three hours and that would be followed by about one hour of skills training,” Fortune points out. “This way the questions and discussion last about an hour which allows us about three hours of hands-on training.”

Consequently, a class that typically lasts about six months was completed 4-5 weeks sooner.

“The firefighters like it a lot better. Everyone feels we got a lot more accomplished and we spent a lot more time working on things that we’ll have to deal with in the field,” Fortune says.

The next step is Firefighter II training, but that isn’t likely to happen in the immediate future.

“Several of the guys are interested, but I think right now everyone’s ready for a break,” Fortune says. “When the time comes, we’ll need about 15 firefighters in order to offer the class.”

Firefighter I Participants:

Scott City:

Scott Andrews, John Fisher, Wyatt Green, Brad Ludowese and Jordan Unruh


Jeff Allen, Tyler Dandurand, Nathan Handy, Morgan Landgraf, Nick Mendez, Alex O’Rourk and Kyle Roberts


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