Great Bend Fire Department receives bids on new truck

By Russell Edem
Great Bend Tribune – March 9, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – March 30, 2017

The Great Bend Fire Department will be replacing one of the two pumper trucks with a new one that will be identical to the 2011 model it presently has. The department has received bids and are int he final process of selecting a vendor. The approximate cost of the vehicle is $400,000.

“We are excited that the bids are in and now we can sit down and go over who best fits our criteria on what we are needing,” Fire Chief Mike Napolitano said.

According to Napolitano, the reason they are wanting to replace the current pumper truck is consistency. This will allow the firefighters to be familiar with both pumper trucks instead of having to know how to operate two different types of vehicles, thus improving efficiency.

Napolitano said that the control panels equipment on the trucks can be overwhelming at first as firefighters try to remember where everything is located. Having the same truck with the same control and equipment locations will help overcome this.

This by itself is a great advantage when it comes to fighting fires, the chief said. The faster they can get on scene and get the trucks operational can save lives and property.

“Being consistent is important to us. Being able to have two identical vehicles will help our firefighters to fight fires,” Napolitano said. “This makes our job easier and helps us to be there when we are called upon.”

Napolitano said three of the ambulances that the department uses are set up this way and it really makes a difference to the crews when they are heading to a scene. They know exactly where the equipment is from truck to truck.

Napolitano said before bids are sought, they decide on what vehicle they want.

He forms a committee of firefighters from the different shifts to discuss what they need. This insures that the truck they get is exactly what they want. After this is done the department will ask for bids.

Once the department decides on a bidder, the truck will be ordered. It will take the department one year to receive the vehicle from the manufacture. During this time, the department will send staff to the company to inspect the process and to make sure the vehicle is to specifications.

Once the vehicle is finished, the staff will return to the company for final inspection and to drive the vehicle back to Great Bend.

According to Napolitano, the same company that built the department’s last pumper truck is the company with the lowest bid.

“We are very pleased that the company with the lowest bid is the same one that built our last truck. We have that relationship built with them, they know what we want, and they are a pleasure to work with,” Napolitano said.


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