Friends remember Gray County volunteer firefighter who died in crash

By Brenda Carrasco
KWCH – March 30, 2017


Richard Hixon was a beloved father, brother and son and on top of that a dedicated volunteer firefighter for the Ensign Fire Department.

For Blake Wondra, Richard was his best friend, “He was real easy to get along with. He was outgoing, he was a great father, he loved his kids very much. He was always willing to help somebody that needed help.”

Wondra said he and Richard spent countless hours together battling fires both in and out of their assigned county, “Every call I went on, Richard was there. We went to Oklahoma for the Anderson Creek fire, it was me, Richard and our chief Daniel. we always just looked out for each other.”

Although Richard may no longer be there, those close to him say he’ll never be forgotten, “It’s definitely going to be hard, Bubba would make it to every single call, we always felt comfortable knowing Bubba was going to be there watching after us.”


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