Burrton Fire District looking to hire EMS Director

By Pilar Martin
Harvey County Independent – March 2, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – March 28, 2017

The Burrton Consolidated Fire District #5 Board had its monthly meeting on Monday, February 27. With EMS Director Rusty Walter announcing his intent to retire, and Fire Chief Jon Roberts injured, the District has to find a way to keep the department going. Duties have been divided up amongst volunteer members and the District has decided to try to hire a new Assistant EMS Director.

Assistant Fire Chief Jim Redinger said he had talked to a few people in the community who might be interested in the position. “We need a job description so I can give them some more information,” Redinger said.

Chairman of the Fire Board Troy Mueller added they needed to determine what training or requirements they wanted for that position and how many hours they would be expected to work. Clark Kirk proposed that a job description be written and presented at the April meeting. “We have to have a person in that position so we can sign for our license,” Kirk added.

In other business, the Board has been trying to sell a 1979 Ford. It was put on the auction site Purple Wave but only received one sealed bid. That bid was opened by Kirk last night, and amounted to $708 from Pretty Prairie.

“It will go into service for the Pretty Prairie Burn Association so I have no problem with the bid,” Mueller said. The bid was accepted.

The Board approved a contract with Halstead EMS Director Anderson Lowe to provide continuing education classes. The classes, materials, and entering the roster on the state’s database would be included for $100 per month.

Jon Roberts submitted a proposal to purchase four new hand-held radios at the cost of $16,973.96, which includes programming. Kirk said the money was in the budget but would prefer not to buy them at this time. Mueller suggested they purchase two radios, one for Fire and one for EMS. A motion was made to just purchase two of the radios for $4,244 each, and the vote carried 4-0.

Roberts also proposed buying a new software, and discussion will continue at the next meeting. The Board also discussed a new billing contractor, but no decision was made.


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