Paola woman loses two pets in house fire Thursday

By Brian McCauley
Miami County Republic – March 10, 2017

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Paola firefighters Joe Flake (left) and Mark Farmer take a break after working to fight a fire inside a Paola home at 4 W. Kaskaskia St. on Thursday afternoon.

A Paola woman lost both of her pets in a house fire Thursday afternoon, but no other injuries were reported.

Homeowner Donna Teuscher stood across the street and screamed for her pet dog and cat as Paola firefighters quickly put on their breathing apparatuses and stormed into the burning home at 4 W. Kaskaskia St. around 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Although firefighters were quickly able to douse the powerful flames, both animals were found deceased.

Kathy Prasko was one of the many friends and neighbors who were consoling Teuscher at the scene. Prasko said she was with Teuscher at Li’l Red Hen Quilt Shop a few minutes earlier when Teuscher suddenly remembered that she had left something on the stove.

Prasko quickly drove to Teuscher’s home a few blocks away, but she couldn’t gain entrance at either the front or the back because the flames and smoke were already too strong.

Teuscher and friend Carl Buchman were not far behind, but there was nothing either could do at that point to gain entrance.

Friend and insurance agent Cathy Leaver was on the scene a few minutes later to offer her help and support.

Leaver said it has been a difficult year for Teuscher, who has spent the past several months recovering from a fall that injured her shoulder and hip.

Paola Fire Chief Andy Martin said the fire was fueled by air from openings in the front and rear of the house which created a “fire flow path.”

Several firefighters had to take cool down breaks and drink water after working to fight the fire inside the home and look for the animals.


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