Saline County emergency crews return home

By Rocky Robinson
Salina Post – March 8, 2017

All Saline County fire crews and law enforcement officers have returned from assisting counties affected by wildfires, according to Hannah Stambaugh, director of Saline County Emergency Management.

Several Saline County fire districts assisted with both the Reno County fire and the fire near Lake Wilson. Stambaugh says Saline County firefighters assisted for most of the day Tuesday but have since returned. The final crew came in around 10 p.m. last night.

Scott Abker, battalion chief and fire chief for Saline County Fire District #3, says none of his crews went out yesterday but everyone is still on high alert.

“We thought Wilson was going to need more help but we haven’t been called out,” Abker said. “ We are just making sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and is staying close to the station.”

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office also answered the call for help. The Reno County Sheriff’s Office sent out an alert to surrounding stations, asking for about 40 law enforcement officers to assist with the evacuation. Sheriff Roger Soldan said the Saline County office answered with one full-time deputy and two volunteers. The officers stayed all of Monday night before being relieved Tuesday morning by three fresh Saline County officers.

According to Stambaugh, the Saline County officers went out again last night but have also returned home. Sheriff Soldan says their main job is to keep people out of the evacuated areas. They are also there to protect the empty houses from potential thieves.


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