Residents flee grass fires in southwestern Kansas

By Bryan Ramsdale
KAKE – March 7, 2017

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Three towns and several rural farm homes have been evacuated over concerns that a grass fire could do damage.

Residents of Englewood, Ashland and Protection were ordered to evacuate because of a grass fire.

“I see flames for miles,” said Larry Harvey. Harvey was stuck at a dirt road intersection because of a grass fire near Coldwater.

“We are in the middle of it,” Harvey said. His home was surrounded by fire, but once he made it to his property, he found the house was not damaged by flames.

The fire was spread in two different directions after winds drastically shifted, forcing the fire that once was spreading northeast to turn right, and spread southeast.

Many of the people who were forced to evacuate were at the high school in Coldwater for shelter. Ashland resident Kathy Warkentin said she only had time to grab what she could not replace, her family, and leave town.

“Devastated, I am wondering what I do and don’t have,” Warkentin said. She was forced to abandon livestock and pets as she and her family fled from the flames.

Several roads in Clark County are shut down and a county spokesperson says people need to stay out of Clark County.

There are several reports of homes destroyed by fire across the county. Initial reports out of Englewood is a large number of homes were destroyed.

Two schools are shut down because of the fire in Clark County. Public schools in Ashland and Coldwater will not be having classes on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.


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