Fire heavily damages Maize home

KWCH – March 6, 2017



Grass fires are not the only concern in the dry, windy conditions. In Maize, a fire that started in a garage a little before noon Sunday, may leave the homeowners with a total loss. Investigators say the winds were a major factor.

Sedgwick County fire crews were on scene Sunday afternoon, breaking down charred remains of what once was a car. Fire ripped through the garage of the home on Long Branch Drive, near 45th Street and K-96.

Neighbor Alan Smith says he knew something was wrong Sunday, when he heard several explosions.

“I was in the house and I heard a loud ‘bang’ twice, like mortars on the Fourth of July,” Smith says. “It was loud enough, I opened the door, and flames were already rolling out of the garage.”

Fire investigators believe a cigarette was the source of the blaze.

An investigator says someone was inside the garage of the home, smoking a cigarette when the fire started. Sedgwick County Fire Division Chief Bryan Ellis says Sunday’s wind, and all the flammable contents in the garage, only made the situation worse.

“That’s what was giving us some troubles there, is gasoline from the fuel tanks on the vehicles,” the chief says. “And it just takes more time, more crews to get in and knock it down when we are fighting the wind.”

We’re told one woman was home when the fire started. She got out safely and no one was hurt.


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