Inside outside fire

Harper Advocate – January 18, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – February 17, 2017

Photos by Nikki Hightree

Photos by Nikki Hightree


Harper firemen were faced with a double challenge when a fire in a fire-place set fire to the ceiling and then the roof of the large log cabin house one and one-half miles east of Harper last week. Firefighters had to dismantle a portion of the wood vaulted ceiling on the interior and the shake shingled roof on the roof peak to put out the fire. Damage was contained to about a foot all the way around the chimney. Occupants of the house are Jon and Kristin Stevens and their three children. The home is owned by Kris Wimmer. A smoke detector warned Mrs. Stevens and children who were at home at the time of the fire. Firefighter on the roof is Dean Hufford. Fire can be seen at the top of the roof gutter and all around the chimney. Fire department members at the front of the home are left to right, Stan Ryberg, Gary Ummel Jr., Troy Ord, Hufford and Ken Leu.


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