During dry conditions, fire burns 50 acres of Shawnee Mission Park

By Jessica Reyes
KCTV 5 – February 17, 2017


What fire authorities feared would happen, has happened.

A fire spanning 50 acres broke out about 1 a.m. at Shawnee Mission Park.The fire broke out in the woods and hot spots continue to burn throughout the morning.

While most of the area is under a burn ban firefighters in Lenexa firefighters were hard at work for several hours, Friday morning, trying to put a fire out at a popular park.

Fifty acres burned at Shawnee Mission Park and firefighters said the location of the fire was tricky to get to because it was about 300 yards away from the road.

“One of our officers was on patrol saw some smoke in the area of the south side of Shawnee Mission Park,” said Sgt. Matt Gillepsie, with the Johnson County Park Police. “From a different location in the park he was able to see the flames.”

When firefighters arrived they were able to drive up close to the fire. They first focused on stopping the spread of the flame and then moved to put it out.

“The officers reported to us they did a lot of work by hand on this particular one they did a lot of work with rakes tearing up the ground,” said Sgt. Gillepsie said.

With such dry conditions and most of the area under a burn ban park police say it’s not difficult for a fire to start under these conditions.

But with so many people expected to enjoy the weather at the park over the weekend Sgt. Gillepsie says they’ll also be on high alert keeping an eye out for any more flames, “unfortunately the weather conditions being what they are we’re in kind of a high risk for any sort of wildfire at the moment.”

No property was damaged and no one was hurt in Friday morning’s park fire.

The fire came at a time when multiple cities had burn bans in place.

On Thursday, Lenexa firefighters battled a similar situation.

A grass fire quickly spread over Prairie Star Parkway and Monticello Road, burning two acres along the way before it was put out.

Authorities don’t know what caused that fire. Firefighters say under dry conditions, it doesn’t take much to start a fire.


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