Pemberton apartments damaged in Saturday fires

By Joey May
Hiawatha World – January 30, 2017

Photo by Josephine May

Photo by Josephine May

The Hiawatha Fire Department responded to two separate fires at Pemberton Village Apartments on Saturday.

Fire Chief Gary Shear reported the first fire at 5:39 a.m. on Saturday morning at Pemberton Village Apartments in Unit D. He said the fire started from a hallway heater and spread through the roof.

He said there were visible flames coming out of the roof on the west side of the building when firefighters arrived. Each unit houses 3-4 apartments and Shear said that Hiawatha Police had already assisted in evacuating residents within the building. No major injuries were reported, but Shear said one man was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation.

There was smoke and fire damage, along with water damage to a couple of the apartments in this unit, but Shear said the fire was all contained to the roof area where the heater was located, above the ceiling.

Shear said the second fire occurred around 8:30 p.m. that same day in the same unit, and wiring is the suspected cause. Shear said the power had been shut down to the unit that morning and fire fighters had been on the scene several times throughout the day to make sure it didn’t rekindle. However, maintenance workers turned the power back on later in the day to try and dry out the unit, and wiring caused a second fire, which was contained to that one apartment.

Shear said firefighters were on the scene around three to four hours for the morning fire and around an hour and a half later that night. Robinson Fire Department and Hiawatha Police assisted in the fires.

Hiawatha Police Chief John Defore reported that as a result of this fire, Hiawatha Police were contacted by a concerned citizen and asked to investigate the validity of needed assistance for the victims. It was reported that a “Go Fund Me” page, had been started for a resident living there. The case officer conducting several interviews and follow-up into this matter did not uncover any criminal actions at this time.

“As with any charitable giving’s, we urge everyone to always confirm where your money is being spent and to above all ask questions,” Chief Defore said. “When giving money, you always have the right to ask where and how your money will be used and remember, all of us here at the Hiawatha Police Department are always available to answer questions and to investigate any concerns our citizens and community guests may have. If you are not sure about a charity, don’t give until you know.”

In addition, Hiawatha firefighters responded to a grass fire at 2100 Lynx Road Sunday afternoon. Shear said firefighters were on the scene around an hour and it was not determined what caused the fire.


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