Faulty sensor sets off alarm

By Chance Hoenerchoener
Pittsburg Morning Sun – January 27, 2017

Students and faculty evacuated Pittsburg High School Thursday morning after an automatic fire alarm was triggered.

The Pittsburg Fire Department received a call from PHS that an automatic fire alarm was triggered around 10 a.m. Thursday, but there was no fire according to Battalion Chief Kevin Casella.

The alarm was triggered by a faulty sensor in the ductwork at PHS.

“The ductwork has sensors through it in case there is a fire inside the ducts,” Casella said. “Sometimes the sensors get dirty or malfunction and set off the alarm.”

Students and faculty were evacuated from the building, and the fire department was on scene for about 30 minutes, according to Casella.

“Once we made sure there was no fire and everything was clear, we let everyone return to the building,” Casella said.

Casella said there were no injuries. The school had the sensor fixed and the alarm was reset.


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