YC Volunteer Fire Department and Police Chief are Christmas heroes

By Drake Busteed
Yates Center News – December 29, 2016
Submitted by Newz Group – January 26, 2017


Christmas Day in Yates Center was a busy one for the city’s emergency response personnel this year, as there were several ambulance dispatches and a house fire.

The Yates Center Volunteer Fire Department secured the incident at Glen Sharpe’s residence on South Ridge street, after first responder and Chief of Police Lyle Kee made the call. He shared his story, saying “I opened the door, and the smoke billowed out. I yelled for Glen. He was in the southeast corner of the main room, in his recliner. I could hear the fire in the other room, I said Glen, we’ve got to get out of here.” Kee stepped outside for a gasp of air, retrieved Sharpe’s wheel chair, and escorted him to safety. Sharpe, now safely outside, notified Kee that his wallet was still inside the burning house, in his walker. Kee then returned into the residence and recovered the walker. After they reached safety, Kee, concerned for the man’s health and on account of the wintery weather conditions, called Sharpe an ambulance. Kee expects the house to be a total loss after suffering heavy structural damages.

The fire department arrived shortly after this; Fire Chief Bob Gaulding shared some details: Two trucks were dispatched to the incident, and doused the flames via a nearby hydrant. Gaulding described the scene, “The fire was up in the attic, there were visible flames”, he said. “Most of the guys were spending time with family when they received the call,” Gaulding added, “they did an outstanding job containing the fire, and were finished and returned safely to their families at around 4:00 p.m. Glen Sharpe has been brought safely back to Yates Center Health & Rehab for the tie being, and is surely thankful for the emergency responder’s quick response.

Sixteen firemen were dispatched to the scene, and deserve recognition for their heroics on Christmas day: Bob Gaulding, Remi Wagner, John Schinstock, Allen Taylor, Bruce Knight, Pete Martin, Thad Trahan, Brandon Gaulding, Nathan Black, Wacey Douglas, Randy Hegwald, Gary Tidd, Michael Morrison, Kyle Owens, Buster Black and Jeff Morrison were among those who took time out of their Christmas Day, and were ready at a moments notice.


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