Wreck involving state trooper shuts down southbound lanes of Kansas 7

By Shannon O’Brien
FOX 4 News – January 25, 2017



Several people were reportedly injured in a crash involving an officer near Bonner Springs Tuesday afternoon. Thankfully, those involved were wearing seat belts.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, there were multiple injuries involved in the crash at southbound K-7 and Speaker Road. A trooper was reportedly involved in the crash as he was responding to another injury accident on northbound K-7 and Parallel Parkway.

As the trooper entered the intersection of K-7 and Speaker, a gray car also entered the intersection and they collided.

Southbound and northbound lanes were all closed at Speaker Rd. for a bit over an hour.

Despite the extensive damage to both vehicles, the injuries could have been much more severe. Trooper Candice Breshears with the Kansas Highway Patrol said there is one reason for that: seat belts.

“Definitely seat belts have mitigated the injuries in this crash. So we’re very, very thankful that no one was injured majorly and we always want everybody to buckle up like they were in this crash today,” Breshears said.

All lanes on K-7 have since been cleared and are fully operational.

Also on K-7: Northbound and southbound K-7 at Parallel Parkway intersection traffic signals are not working due to loss of a power resulting from a traffic crash. Drivers must treat intersection as a 4-way stop until power can be restored. The crash occurred at 3:50 p.m. Tuesday.


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