Public safety award nominees named

Ark Valley News – December 22, 2016
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A Valley Center firefighter, a Wichita police officer and two Wichita Fire Department personnel have been recognized in the Veterans of Foreign Wars law enforcement, firefighter and EMT of the year program.

VFW Post 3115 will submit Valley Center Officer Brant Arnold, Wichita Officer Renay Bryand, Wichita EMT James Fromme and Wichita firefighter Jesse Janzen to the district level for consideration for the 2016-17 statewide recognition.

Brant Arnold, firefighter

Brant Arnold has been a firefighter with the Valley Center Fire Department since November 1, 2009. He was nominated for the VFW award because of his displayed skill and aptitude in maturing as a firefighter. He also has shown a passion for the fire service, especially the training aspect, on a daily basis.

During 2016, Brant participated in the Pump Operations Training Committee. He used knowledge obtained from previous training and experience and advice from fellow firefighters in making the fire attack operation more efficient and effective.

In 2015, Brant built training props for self-rescue. He used fellow firefighters when building these props and training with them. The other firefighters also benefited from participation and gained knowledge as well.

“Training is a key element in the success of fire company operations in any fire department across the nation,” Valley Center Fire Chief Lonnie Tormey said in his nomination letter.

“Brant has implemented it as an important part of his career with our department to further the knowledge of firefighters. His hard work and determination to be involved in training firefighters helps set an example for others to follow.”

Renay Bryand, police officer

Officer Renay Bryand is a 21-year veteran of the Wichita Police Department. He is the beat officer on the 48 Beat out of the north patrol station.

Bryand was nominated for the VFW award for his extraordinary follow up on criminal cases, outstanding work on special projects, and civic achievements and mentoring on a regular basis.

Bryand received the Bronze Wreath of Merit August 19, 2015, for his work on an armed robbery. He developed a suspect profile with information from the victims, one of which later located the suspect on Facebook. Bryand found a mug photo of the suspect and created a mug lineup for the victims to view. That resulted in the suspect being positively identified, located and arrested for the aggravated robbery.

Bryand is active with special departmental projects. He also volunteers for many activities, both inside and outside the department.

Jesse Janzen, firefighter

Firefighter Jesse Janzen has been with the Wichita Fire Department since the summer of 2014. He graduated from Tabor College in 2007 and worked seven years as a teacher in the Wichita school district.

Janzen was named as the 2016 Wichita Fire Department Firefighter of the Year. He was nominated for the VFW award for his actions during a November 15, 2015 apartment fire.

After exiting the vehicle, Janzen and others were met with loud screams from several residents. Although it appeared that rescue attempts would not immediately be viable, Janzen determined that the screams were from occupants who had already evacuated the building and were indicating an occupied apartment on the first floor. Janzen entered the burning structure and located an elderly woman lying in her bed. He assisted the woman in evacuating the apartment and returned to the hose line. Within minutes, the roof over the stairwell collapsed.

“Firefighter Jesse Janzen showed an inordinate amount of courage and composure at this fire, and I am pleased to nominate him for the VFW Gold Medal Award,” said Fire Chief Ronald Blackwell in his nomination letter.

James Fromme, EMT

Capt. James Fromme has been a firefighter/EMT with the Wichita Fire Department since June 9, 1990. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2009 and captain in 2014.

He has been a member of the Sedgwick County Haz-Mat Mutual Response Team for 25 years and a fire inspector since 2010.

While off-duty and patronizing a drive-thru at a local restaurant, Fromme noticed a commotion inside the building. He quickly entered the restaurant, identified himself as a firefighter/EMT and offered assistance. He found an elderly man who was unresponsive and without a pulse. Fromme moved the patient outside and began compressions as EMS arrived. After 15 compressions, the patient regained a pulse.

“Captain Fromme entered an unknown situation and was able to assess the circumstances and, without hesitation, offered his knowledge and assistance,” said Wichita Fire Chief Ronald Blackwell in his nomination letter. “His immediate response and actions resulted in the male making a complete recovery.”


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