Richardson stepping down once replacement is hired

By Pilar Martin
Harvey County Independent – September 1, 2016
Submitted by Newz Group – September 27, 2016


The city’s current Emergency Services Director, Tom Richardson, has tendered an open-ended resignation letter and plans to leave his post.

According to City Administrator Jaci Reimer, Richardson will help find a replacement and stay around long enough to help a new director get started.

Richardson, a lifelong resident of Sedgwick, was hired as the interim director on October 19, 2015.

He began his firefighting career as a volunteer in Sedgwick in 1987, and was the fire chief from 1990-1992. Richardson began working with the Sedgwick County Fire Department in 1990 and retired as a lieutenant in June of 2015.

He stepped up when Sedgwick EMS Director Mark Sauerwein exited the department on October 7, leaving the Fire/EMS department without someone in charge. Richardson’s hope was to help the city through a difficult transition time, taking the reins to move the department forward.

Richardson was originally hired for a period of 90 days. In January, Richardson agreed to a part-time position as Director of Emergency Services, a position that oversees both the fire department and ambulance service. Richardson worked three days a week in the office and took emergency calls.

The city posted an advertisement starting July 21 to find a replacement for Richardson. The ad specifies the city is looking for a full-time EMS director. Reimer said they had received 12 applications, from as far away as Illinois. The field was narrowed to five candidates for the first round of interviews that are currently being conducted.

“Once we get through the initial five, we will determine if we need to expand the field or just move forward,” Reimer said. When the field of candidates is narrowed to two, the mayor will be included in the interviews.

Once a new director has been named, depending on his/her qualifications, Richardson may stay working in the fire department. “I will probably continue on with the fire side of things once a new director has been named,” Richardson said.


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