New truck arrives at fire station

By Jared Janzen
Harvey County Independent – September 1, 2016
Submitted by Newz Group – September 27, 2016


Two weeks ago the Halstead Fire Department obtained its brand new Squad 24 truck.

Fire Chief Jim VanSchaick said the new truck is a nice addition for the department. It is a 2015 model truck with a 2016 fire body, essentially making it a 2016 vehicle, according to VanSchaick.

The department just finished putting decals on the truck earlier this week. They have already taken it on a few EMS calls, but the truck’s true purpose is to respond to grass fires, something VanSchaick said they don’t have to worry about right now with the ground being so soggy.

This truck replaces Halstead’s squad truck that was lost during the huge wildfire along Burmac Road near Burrton in March. Insurance covered most of the cost of the replacement truck. Halstead had been borrowing a squad truck from Burrton’s Fire/EMS department to use as a temporary replacement.


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