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Good day Kansas Fire Service. Fall is just around the corner for us and we can look forward to cooler days. I must start this month with condolences to the Hoyt Rural Fire District members and the family of Michael Schultz. Mike passed away in late July from an apparatus accident involving a tanker that rolled over on the way to a public relations event. I had the opportunity to fight some fire with Mike as Hoyt is a neighboring department for me. He was a good man and a good family man. His children are following his footsteps in the fire service. May Mike help guide them through their careers in the information and example he set as a father and a firefighter.

This month I just want to remind everyone that the time is near to make your voices heard at the ballot boxes. As members of the fire service we are typically the leaders in our communities. Get out and make sure that you are getting educated on candidates and issues. But also make sure that you reach out to those candidates and educate them on the fire service. Many times they will have questions on fire service matters. You should be your local elected officials go to source for that information. Make those relationships now and we will all benefit from it in the end.

As we move forward through the year just a brief update on the Association. We are updating some of our fleet. The skills trailer is completed. We have added exterior lighting to allow for setup and tear down in the evenings for later in the year as well as allowing us to have power to run the smoke machine and other items while at remote locations. The burn trailer is done with all the additions to it now. By gaining space in it, we were able to downsize the gooseneck trailer we had and get a shorter one. This will allow us to have our “dirty” items for training in one place, and all of our “clean” items such as books and clothing in another place. Also, it is a little better for moving around due to the smaller size. We are also in the process of updating our Safety Officer curriculum and our defensive driving curriculum.

Thank you again for your hard work serving the citizens of Kansas. The 2017 list of fire schools is out, so please look us up I challenge you all to come to a school and bring a friend who has never been to one before. Stay safe and we will see you down the road!!

Kevin Flory, KSFFA President


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