Downed power line in Roeland Park sets off grass fires

By Dan Blom
Prairie Village Post – January 29, 2016

roeland park fire 1292016

Four houses along 51st Street in Roeland Park had their front yards set on fire Thursday afternoon when a power line snapped in two places. The live line set off the fires that were partially extinguished by KCP&L crews who were working only a couple of blocks away.

The power company crews got to the scene before the fire department arrived and began using fire extinguishers on the blazes. One resident reportedly came out with a garden hose, but was waved off by KCP&L before putting any water on the still-live power line. The dry grass quickly caught on fire quickly.

The power lines run along the street in front of the houses in that area. The homes that were affected are on the north side of 51st Street just to the west of Rosewood. Utility crews were still working to restore power at 2 p.m. this afternoon, but the fire department had cleared the scene. Police re-opened the street to traffic about 1:45 p.m.

Power was cut on the lines that came down, but crews still cautioned people to stay back from them until repairs are complete. Power reportedly was out in a much larger area than the neighborhood where the lines came down.

Crews did not find any limbs that hit the lines and said they could not determine a cause for the break.

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