Equipment Donation Program

For those that aren’t aware, I wanted to briefly pass along info on the KFS Equipment Donation Program. The EDP has been operational for a little over 10 years, since the legislature granted civil immunity for those who donate or receive used fire equipment. We receive serviceable used items from fire departments in Kansas for re-donation to any Kansas FD in need, regardless of size or budget. We currently have an OVER abundance of bunker gear (ranging from still in the wrapper to 20+ years old but still serviceable and better than a lot of small FDs currently have), booster hose, rotating light bars, boots, helmets, hose reels and more. I cannot accept any more donations of these items until we get some of these out to folks that need them due to space limitations. I would ask any department interested in donating to call or email me first, to be sure we can utilize what you have. We don’t want junk – our dumpster is no better than yours. But if it’s stuff that a department in need could utilize in its current condition, and we have space, we’ll pick it up, or you’re welcome to drop it by.

Also available through the EDP, or through our federal excess programs, we have AEDs, oxygen sets and bags, wildland jump suits, spine boards, various lights, adapters, and parts, and much more. If your department is in need of something you can’t afford to buy new, shoot me an email. The worst I can say is that I don’t have it. Between the three programs, I may have it or be able to get it though, and save you some money. If you’re setting up a “new” truck, I have much of what you need in terms of lights, hose reel, booster hose, even some small pumps. And of course we still get military trucks through the FFP and FEPP programs, for conversion to firefighting vehicles.

Let me know if I can help!



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