EMS stays sharp with training

By Bill Fortune, Lane County EMS and Fire Chief
Dighton Herald – May 6, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – May 27, 2015

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On every third Tuesday of the month, Lane County Fire, EMS and the City of Dighton Fire Departments hold training meetings. In April our training included landing an Eagle Med helicopter at the site of our new fire station and practice extricating patients from a variety of situations. Eagle Med answered our first responder safety concerns and gave us information needed to properly set-up a Landing Zone, which we occasionally need to do at an auto accident or for patients that live in a remote location in our county.

We were able to practice loading our patients into the helicopter while the helicopter was “Hot” or with the rotors still in motion, to give the firefighters and EMTs a true experience. EMT students from Leoti and Garden City also came to play and partake in this exercise.

After our Eagle Med training, members then participated in extricating patients from vehicles we had staged on scene, and they were able to “package” patients with c-collars and the KED device, used to minimize movement of patients that have or could have cervical spinal cord injuries. This practical training was done in both passenger cars and a fire apparatus.

WeatLaneCounty would like to thank Eagle Med for their participation in our training event and to Commissioners Jon Risley and Curt Hanna for attending and to all the emergency responders from Healy, Leoti, Garden City and Dighton for making this a truly fun and educational event.

If these types of activities sound exciting to you or you would like more information on volunteering and helping out in your community with the Fire or EMS Departments, please contact Fire Chief Bill Fortune or any Lane County or City of Dighton Emergency Responder.

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