Limb dropped on power line causes house fire

By Dan Bloom
Prairie Village Post – May 22, 2015

mission fire 5222015

Firefighters wrap up at a house fire this morning (May 20) on Walmer in Mission.
A dropped power line caused a small fire at a Mission residence this morning, but also energized a chain link fence across the back yard.

The fire was reported at 9:05 a.m. in the 5800 block of Walmer. Both residents escaped unharmed.

Deputy Chief Jeff Scott of Consolidated Fire District No. 2 said a fallen limb pushed the power line down so normally separated parts of the feed touched. That caused a reverse polarity and energized everything in the house, including the plumbing lines. Firefighters tested the fence across the back and found it was energized as well. Firefighters went door-to-door five houses in each direction to warn homeowners, Scott said.

The power line did cause a fire in the basement where it enters the house. Scott said firefighters had to use extinguishers until KCP&L arrived to cut off power to the house.

The residents heard the “pop” when the line was hit and then smelled smoke in the house and called 911.

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