TFD Firefighters Train In New Facility

By Carrie Larsen
WIBW – May 19, 2015

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Topeka firefighters put their skills to the test in a burn simulation Tuesday.

With almost 7,000 calls so far this year, it is important that Topeka Fire Department firefighters are prepared. Thanks to a new training facility, they are able to experience realistic fire situations.

Being the 3rd largest fire department in Kansas, TFD has many skilled firefighters to step up when danger calls.

“We all just want to make sure we’re on the top of our game,” said TFD firefighter Brandon Adams.

However, even those with the most experience need ongoing training.

“They’re experienced, they’re professionals, but it gives them an opportunity to keep their skills at a sharp edge, and practice teamwork with one another,” said TFD Training Division Chief Jack Collie.

Which is why TFD is running a month long training program for their firefighters, to practice putting out and controlling fires.

“We’re going to do some aspects that would be involved in a fire attack, which obviously includes a lot of fire in one of the rooms,” said Collie.

TFD firefighters have gone through numerous burn simulations throughout their careers, but this time around, they are able to call the training facility their own.

“We are pleased to have this facility where our guys can come in and practice,” said Collie.

Collie said before the facility was built back in November, TFD had to rent out buildings for training. The closest was 90 miles away.

“This was needed,” said Collie.

After a successful day of putting out fires, measuring heat and knowing how to act in a real situation, TFD firefighters are thankful for their new facility.

“It’s invaluable having a facility like this to come out and train on, for those situations that don’t happen very often but, I mean, it’s critical that we do a good job when we get there,” said Adams.

TFD firefighters said temperatures inside the new building got up to about 1,000 degrees, which could happen in a real housefire. They recommend if anyone is in a room where there is a fire, to sit on the ground and keep their mouth near the floor. That is where there will be the least amount of heat and smoke.

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