2nd graders in Olathe learn fire safety

KCTV 5 – March 14, 2015

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The terrible fire in Shawnee that killed two people is a perfect example of why some firefighters in Olathe spent Thursday teaching the dangers of fire to dozens of second-graders.

“Today we’re doing a fire safety house visit. We’ve been doing this now for about 13 to 14 years,” said Olathe Fire Capt. Mike Hall.

The second-graders at Brougham Elementary School had class outside their classroom Thursday in what’s described as a fire safety learning house on wheels.

“We talk about safety, hazards, basically being as simple as something that can hurt someone or cause a fire. We talk about smoke alarms and having an escape plan at home,” Hall said.

The kids were a captive audience, hanging on to every word that firefighters delivered. They learned that most fires start in the kitchen.

Students spend time in three rooms learning about hazards and they soak it up like a sponge.

“We learned how to get out of a bedroom if there’s a fire or smoke. In the kitchen we learned hazards and how to stop a fire. In the living room we learned what not to play with or what not to touch,” said second-grader Addison Masters.

“Second grade is just a great age, they can take this information home and share it with their family, the family can get together, they can test those home smoke alarms to make sure they’re working,” Hall said.

That’s exactly what Miles Alexander will be sharing with his family.

“To have a meeting place and to put new batteries in the smoke detectors and test them,” Miles said.

It’s a very good lesson the kids are learning while having fun.

This spring alone more than 2,200 kids will have gone through Olathe’s “Fire Safety House.”

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