Wichita Fire Department Introduces Newest Investigator

KNSS – May 7, 2015

wichita fire 572015

The Wichita Fire Department has a new member in the Fire Investigation Unit. Mayor Jeff Longwell calls K-9 units like Buddy an incredible resource for the safety of Wichita residents.

“K-9’s like Buddy are incredible tools to assist in investigations. Their sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more acute than humans,” Longwell said.

Buddy is a yellow lab, and has been working with his partner Capt. Kelly Zane since March 9. Buddy was trained by the ATF and is under a five year contract with the department.

The dogs can actually work up to seven years. But what happens when it’s time for dogs like Buddy to retire?

“Then they become a member of my family permanently,” said Capt. Zane. “Although he’s a member of my family now; he’s also a member of the City of Wichita’s family and the fire department,” Zane added.

The Wichita Fire Department has used K-9 units to aid in fire and arson investigations since 1994.

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