Two wild buffalo wander onto Kansas highway, are hit and killed by truck

By Michelle Pekarsky & Robert Townsend
FOX 4 – May 5, 2015



Two buffalo wandered onto a rural Kansas highway on Monday and were struck and killed by a truck, and now those two deaths have neighbors even more concerned about the safety of the wild buffalo herd there.

The two buffalo had been contained in a pasture that residents say has been abandoned. For decades, neighbors have enjoyed seeing the animals roam in the pasture along 24-40 Highway.

Then, on Monday, an out-of-town trucker, heading eastbound on the highway, plowed into the animals.

“This is where one of them landed after it got h it and then there was one up here that was laying in the grass,” explained Kim Musick, a neighbor.

Musick says two weeks ago she stepped outside her home, which is behind the pasture where the buffalo roam, and saw about five buffalo in her neighbor’s yard.

“I was praying to God that my dog did not bark and we turned and went the other way and I called 911,” she remembered.

Some neighbors have voiced concerns that the approximately 30 wild buffalo need to be better-confined.

“Buffalo are wilder, they’re bigger animals, so you need to have stronger fences up there,” said Timothy Vaughn, another neighbor.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the pasture’s owner, Mark Thiry, told them the buffalo graze off his land and like his property because of the water sources. In the past, the sheriff says Thiry has patched up holes in his barb-wired fence so the wild buffalo would stay where they’re safe, and where people won’t be harmed by them.

Thiry won’t face any criminal charges for the accident involving the buffalo, but may have to pay a price for the trucker’s damaged vehicle. Thankfully, the driver of the truck was not injured when he hit them on Monday.

“They’ve got to do something because somebody’s gonna end up getting killed,” said Musick.

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