Cherryvale Fire Department receives grant for EMT training

By Donna Celaya
Montgomery County Chronicle – April 9, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 22, 2015

Cherryvale Fire and Rescue will receive a Board of EMS educational incentive matching grant to pay for one volunteer to attend an emergency medical training class.

Fire Chief Jesse Reed told the Cherryvale city council on Monday night that the grant is for licensed “ground” services serving rural, frontier or densely settled rural counties or cities. This area qualifies.

In exchange for the grant funding, the volunteer must sign an agreement to remain an active volunteer of the Cherryvale Fire-Rescue for at least one year. If the individual leaves before the year is up, he or she must pay for the training received under the grant.

Reed also said a combination of five full-time and part-time members attended a State Capitol Area Firefighters Association workshop from March 17-22 in Topeka. Classes ranged from leadership to EMS to power line down and response to tornadoes. Cost per individual was $25 for unlimited classes for the week.

Four members of Reed’s crew have obtained their Fire Instructor 1 certification, and the department will host Firefighter 2 training and testing in May.

Reed also said there are 65 businesses in town, and his department is working with all of the local businesses to create floor plans of their building sites to allow fire and emergency personnel to more easily find their way around in the event of a fire or other emergency. Pre-planning should be finished by the end of May, he said.

The fire and rescue monthly report for March showed CFR responded to four fire calls, including one each motor vehicle, odor investigation, structure fire and grass fire.

CFR also responded to 38 EMS calls involving 29 patients, which included 22 transports, seven patients refusals and nine “other”, such as no patient found or patient dead at the scene.

The highest percentage of calls for EMS were seven falls, six fire stand-by, four breathing problem, four chest pain, and three sick persons.

EMS responded within one minute of dispatch 84 percent of the time and within three minutes 97 percent of the time. They arrived at the scene within five minutes 74 percent of the time and within 10 minutes 87 percent of the time.

Of the 38 responses, 16 (42.1 percent) were outside the city limits, including transports to Mercy Hospital in Independence. Calls outside the city limits are responsible for slower arrival times, Reed said.

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