McPherson passes new fire ordinance

By Teri L. Hansen
McPherson Sentinel – April 21, 2015

City commissioners passed a new burn ordinance for the city of McPherson at Monday’s commission meeting. The new ordinance pertains to what is and isn’t acceptable for recreational burning within city limits.
Because of the growing popularity of recreational fire devices such as chimineas and fire pits, the new ordinance regulates the uses of such devices. First the ordinance stipulates that open burning is prohibited; fires must be contained within a receptacle. Next that receptacle must be UL certified. Open fire pits are not permissible. If the receptacle is hand-made, it must be no larger than three feet wide, three feet long and two feet deep. It must have mesh over all openings, and the owner must have written approval from the McPherson Fire Department for its use. In addition, no fire receptacle can be stored, used or maintained on any balcony.
These infractions will count as a Class C violation of the Uniform Public Offense Code and are punishable as such.

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