Republic Fire Department gets grant for new equipment

Belleville Telescope – April 9, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 20, 2015

The RFD #9 Republic Fire Department received a Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant from the 2014 year grant process, according to Kansas Forest Service Fire Management Coordinator Ross Hauck.

The grants, made available through the Federal Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act, totaled $272,000 State-wide in 2014. RFD #9 will receive $3,250. Funding for VFA comes from the USDA Forest Service. USDA Forest Service then awards a grant to the Kansas Forest Service, which administers the program and approves the grants to local fire departments. The money is used to equip and train fire departments to prevent and suppress fires in rural areas.

According to Fire Chief Klay Bouray, RFD #9 has purchased two full sets of turn out gear and five hand-held radios to protect those who serve the RFD #9 area and when they go out for mutual aid at fires and other emergencies.

This is a matching grant, and through donations and tax dollars, the department has matched the funds and added some to it to purchase a third set of turn out gear. The Republic Department is growing, and officials said they want to make sure every person on the department is protected. A future goal is to purchase some wildfire gear.

Leva and Frank Duclos Foundation Grant gifted the RFD #9 $1,000 to help purchase a K-12 saw and two extra blades. Following a structure fire it was seen as a need to have a K-12 saw as many homes and businesses are roofing using metal. Officials said they also see a use of it at other times of emergencies because it is a farming community.

The volunteer fire department works on a budget and relies on grants and donations to keep the equipment up-to-date. Other funds were used to complete this purchase.

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